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I. T O R E H E I M vill förmedla yoga på alla olika sätt för att vi vet att yoga är livsförändrande och en chans för människor att bli de dom kan och vill bli.  

Yoga får dig att se din kapacitet och gör dig uppmärksam på den kraft du besitter.

Vi kommer att göra det med utvalda ambassadörer som vi tror kan nå människor på olika sätt, på deras sätt. Genom att vara genuina och ha ett yoga tankesätt som bas. 

Människor som besitter en balans mellan

Stark och skör

Männsklig och spirituell

och som är en ledare utan att behöva stå först

Vill du bli en ambassadör?


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Gäller endast på de sista storlekarna som
finns kvar från tidigare kollektioner



P A U S E  ...

Planning and creating can make you move in a fast speed forward.

But there is a risk when you keep on going forward to fast, you can miss important details that are passing by and eventually

lead you in the wrong direction.

" What comes to me is the word P A U S E and that’s the message I now want to share with you."



Since I started with I. T O R E H E I M time flied and the concept of the way I am working with the sustainability approach and

how I build collections, questioning people’s way of thinking.


The next collection in the dark green color, that is carefully drawn so the strong details and fitting meets in perfect symbiosis and can be

used with styles from the previous drop, was ready a long time ago and I only waited for the right time to place the order and

for you to move in a new  I. T O R E H E I M piece once again . 

But everything that’s have happened in the world the last 3 years since I started with my brand and how fear still grows within

us now, in a new way, I realized that the time yet again change its course and that the only action I need to do right now, is to


But it’s not only me, I also believe you all need to Pause, in your way.

I believe we need to stop running forward, we need to value our foundations even more. We need to look inside ourselves, to

questioning our core values to find happiness in the new world we live in.

For me I am seeking the calculation of life and I don’t know if its exist but what I know is that the curiosity keeps me


But I do look for the divine proportion that I feel comes to me naturally by the yoga philosophy.

And I also always look for the ultimate shape in the movement and create clothes with the perfect fitting.

But at the same time, I am questioning if there is a calculation, can we create beauty that shows the appearance and

dimension of the divine beauty? Is there a golden ratio of life? Or is it a feeling placed in our fingertips by the vision in our eyes? 


I. T O R E H E I M is pausing without stopping.

If there is any lesson, I have learned though my brand is to trust the process and even more importantly to trust the timing.

Timing is not something you own or can affect, its the universal and quiet guidance that you cant make plans with.

 believe when I let the unconscious part of me expand, the ground becomes even more settle and stable, and the acceptance occur.

The 5#collection will come, in time, when its time.

The world does not need more clothes right now, it needs healing.

Until then, the last pieces of the others collections will be shown below.


Irene Toreheim