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I. T O R E H E I M

Anne Leotard

Anne Leotard

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The Fabric has a new developed wash which makes the clothes more

- Resilient

- Breathable

- Super soft

- Cooling

- Accommodative

The Extras All women top´s and leotards/suits has an inbuild bra with removable pads for best comfort and shape. The lenght of the strap can easy adjust.

Hint! Feel free to combine this leotard with leggings, if you prefer long legs and wear it as a suit.

New for this year is the change to XS instead of L Size L did not sell so well cause a lot of my costumers bought M instead, due to the flexible elastic fabric. If you bought L before, my suggestion is to try M instead. If you bought M before, you can buy M now as well.

If you are unsure, look in the updated size chart.


General Information

Main fabric: 68% Polyester 32% Spandex

Carring: Machine wash cold Wash separately

Do not use softness

Size range: XS - S - M

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