5# C O L L E C T I O N

The Core

When things get overwhelming, We need to pause to be able to feel happiness in what we do.

The trust in time and trust in timing made this collection possible.

I needed to root deep into the core and my heart to find the stability to be brave and to continue sending my intentions out to the world and my community.

These products is made with love and care and most important - without pushing.

These products is the result of finding happiness and finding myself.

My most personal collection yet.

This is the core.

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4# C O L L E C T I O N

The fundamental styles

To better understand our past, so we can build a new future.

We need to agnolish our foundations, What foundations do we have?

What foundations do we want to build? 

What Foundations supports us and what pieces are missing for us to be even more stable and grounded in life and in ourself?

Grounding ourselves is a known phrase in Yoga community, especially when it comes to the asanas, the poses.

If you are not always practicing your grounding first, with hands or feet placed connected to the floor, if you are not creating the roots, you can’t move up or keep your balance

Styles that creates the core in your yoga wardrobe

Styles you can always come back to and ground yourself in

Styles with the ultimate shape and comfort

The fundamental styles are always in black

This is the foundation and core of 

I. T O R E H E I M´s brand and collections.

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3# C O L L E C T I O N


The message for my third collection is about making you aware and let your consciousness expand into limitless possibilities. 

By living, We are a miracle. Take a minute and look at all the magic things we have created on earth, and still , we humans, dare to question ourselves and while we do that, we put a wall up called limits, that stops us from growth.

But everything starts in the mind, what you decide and manifest becomes the creation of your reality.
And you always have a choice, and those choices becomes your life.

If you decide you have limits surrounding you, 
it’s an excuse for not doing the hard work of realizing and developing your full capacity. 

We have so much capacity within ourself that we do not use cause we dont find space, but there is nothing to find here, you need to create it.

Humanbody life may be limited and there will be obstacles, mistakes, and doubts along the journey, but if you should doubt something, doubt the limits you put up for yourself. 

Practice is a mechanism of controlled failure.
In Yoga, we take our bodies to places where it fails, so that the body makes the adjustments and slowly adapts and create more space.

When we push and expand out of our comfort zone. 
That is where the expansion of the consciousness happens.

As uncomfortable as growth may be, sqeezing into spaces your outgrown is even more uncomfortable.

Have Stillness in the discomfort, embrace change.

And trust; When we surrender to the limits and fear, we will become limitless.

LIMITLESS comes in the color Lapiz Lazuli, a deep dark blue color that in some lights give a purple glow.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that reminds us of the eternal and the limitless and its sad to strengthen our inner vision, meditation and a deep understanding of human spirits. 

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2# C O L L E C T I O N

The black hole

The color Nuit, which can be translated to night, finds inspiration from us human’s
unconscious and conscious darker sides.

My message with this collection is that the more aware you become of your darker sides, the more you can use them as a driving force forward.

I want you to embrace all sides of yourself and not try to walk away from those feelings which are difficult and dark because they feel uncomfortable.

I believe its when you are not focusing on the fact that they are unpleasant,
the actual development takes place

You just need to be as curious on your “black hole” as you are in the lighter and easier things. 

Light needs darkness, moon needs sun.

As in everything in life the opposites attract and they need each other to balance, to work. So, by looking into different kind of holes, I created my own, that will suck you in, but make you curious on your light and give you new strength"

This is the beginning to see the beauty of your ownblack hole.

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1# C O L L E C T I O N

Connecting the dots

When you have a baby, everything changes, not just the everyday life and relationships to others, the biggest change is within you.

The way your newborn sees the world with new eyes, so does we as new parents

All the preparation you do when you expect the first born you do because you think you can control the things we actually can`t. 

Changes in the mind are harder to tame than your body, and everything starts from within.

If you accept what is and make the effort to apply your new open eyes with curiosity, like your newborn, instead of being afraid and stressed about the change, the growth of your family will get stronger.

And always remember, You are the most important person in your life.

When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others.

My first collection is called "Connect the dots"
and is a reminder to all of us to trust the process.

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