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I. T O R E H E I M wants to promote yoga in all possible ways because we know yoga is a life changer and a chance for people to become what they want and who they can be.

Because Yoga makes you see your own capacity, makes you acknowledge the capacity that you empower. 

We will do this together with my well- chosen brand ambassadors that we believe can reach people in special ways, in their own way, by being genuine, without effort and with the yoga mindset as a base.

People that empowers the balace between

Strong and Vulnerable

Human and Spirit

And whom is a leader without taking the lead

Do you want to become a ambassador?

5# C O L L E C T I O N  : The core - Color NUIT 

When things get overwhelming, We need to pause to be able to feel happiness in what we do.

It took a while but now its here, my 5# C O L L E C T I O N.

The trust in time and trust in timing made this collection possible.
I needed to root deep into the core and my heart to find the stability to be brave and to continue 
sending my intentions out to the world and my community.

These products is made with love and care and most important - without pushing.

These pro
ducts is the result of finding happiness and finding myself.
My most personal collection yet.

This is the core.

In a world of fast fashion, I believe its time to slow down.

Create time for doing nothing and you will see the space to do anything
and anything will make everything change.

One calm breath can be the difference of your whole being.

Try- Learn- Grow - Repeat

This collection is permanent, this is the core.
This is my extension of the fundamental styles, that always comes in black.