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I. T O R E H E I M wants to promote yoga in all possible ways because we know yoga is a life changer and a chance for people to become what they want and who they can be.

Because Yoga makes you see your own capacity, makes you acknowledge the capacity that you empower. 

We will do this together with my well- chosen brand ambassadors that we believe can reach people in special ways, in their own way, by being genuine, without effort and with the yoga mindset as a base.

People that empowers the balace between

Strong and Vulnerable

Human and Spirit

And whom is a leader without taking the lead

Annika Jankell

Hanna Persson

Susie Moonan

Åsa Jones

Cornelia Gräsman

Emma Hall

Jordan Lydia

Therese Åkesson

Do you want to become a ambassador?

Were the vibrance is, there is life.

Even when streets in the big cities are empty you can feel the earth shake.

There is powerful vibrance in energy which you can create through your body with the center of your heart,

Energy which you can feel, not see.

Even in the stillness we vibrate.

Your heart can create vibrations and harmonies that are far beyond the beauty of any instrument.

You can hear an instrument, but when vibrations from music touches your heart, you can feel it.

If the heart opens, we fall in love, if the heart close, love stopes.

The energy inside you shift with the vibrations that then passes your heart and then run your life.

There are different highs and lows when it comes to the vibrance inside of us,

when energy is blocked, it cannot come up and feed your heart,

Your heart becomes weak. When your heart is weak it becomes vulnerable to lower

vibrations and one of the lowest vibrations is fear.

If we choose to ignore to listen to our heart while it speaks,

there will become layers inside of us that makes the vibrations stop.

Fear is the cause of a lot of problems, it is the root that builds negative emotions as anger,

jealousy and possessiveness, fear is a disruption that builds walls,

and the wall gets thicker the more you choose to look away from your heart.

Life creates situation that push you to your edges,

all with the effect of removing what blocked inside you,

to pull your walls down, to make you vibrate again.

But You must be willing to open your heart and face anything and everything,

and the hardest part is to see it as an opportunity to let go, and then actually let it go.

And become you. Inside out.


Model: Jenny Clise @jennyclise_

Photographer: Paul Garrett @thesouldfuljourney

Location: Seattle